Why is healthy eating important for students

Is healthy eating is neccessary for students ?

As we all know that healthy eating means gaining the nutritious ,strong food . As per students point of view it is very important for the betterment of them.

As a eg. the petrol,diesel act as the primary source to run a machine .so in that way the nutritious food also a primary source to the human body to perform the work .

As said by the doctors that by birth the child must get the nutrious food so that he/she will be healthy,clever ,strong by birth only.

Not only for doing education,the healthy food is required but for surviving also it is needed. With a healthy body a person is perfect for everthing and else . Otherwise from lack of nutrious substances like vitamin ,minerals ,fats, etc several diseses occurs to the human being and also causes to death .

A good nutrition includes gaining of pulses,grains ,minerals ,vitamins fats, dryfruits , greenvegetables , fruits etc is needed.

Earlier and now in india at government school the food is provided to the students because they belong to thee poor family well they showing positive attitude towards school so govt. Provided them food to gain their body a healthy body because some parents are day paid when they will get money and eat food .sometimes they are not able to eat twice a day .so govt plans to serve food at the school for the students .

so by gaining nutrious food the students will be healthy by the physical apperiance as well as mental apperiance .Then they will have capacity to learn more and more .They will always show there positive attitude towards there education . And one day they will be a great person .so from this we learned that healthy food plays a vital role in learning education.

What are the 5 benefits of healthy eating.

The benefits of healthy eating is as follows:-

  1. Stay fit(No diseses occurs)
  2. teeth and bones get strong
  3. clever minded
  4. attentive nature
  5. Increase thinking capacity.

Important tricks for education.

Education includes:-

. Reading





Que:- Some people says that i have learned everthing but at the time of exam he forgets everthing?

  1. Forget everything whatever proceccing in your mind.
  2. Get ready yourself with calm and cool mind.
  3. Settledown yourself at a right place (non-disturbance place).
  4. Firstly read all the paragraphs.
  5. Then try to understand what that paragraph is bout to explain.
  6. Then , underline some main words in that paragraphs.
  7. Then try to use that words in your answer frame .
  8. If you know that it is perfectly done ,then write that same answer in youe notebook .
  9. This writing work makes our answer thoroughly peefect.
  10. At last once revice it .So for that apply this trick i hope it will never forget you again.

Education Tips

  1. You should plan a goal .
  2. Think on your goals .
  3. Invention of some innovative ideas.
  4. Always work with a positive atitude .
  5. Try to learn new.
  6. gain more and more knowledge.


Education is a set of skills,information which you learn from the child towards getting old.

Types of esucation

1 . Formal education

2. Informal education

3 non formal education

Formal education

This type of education is teach in schools ,colleges ,universities etc .This conversation is generally called as formal education.

Informal education

This type of education is observed in between is in our daily life ,it means conversation with our friend, mother,father etc.

Non formal education

This type of education is generally noticed in a social activities like in cricket matches,football ,any social activities etc.

Importance of education

Education is the first key to become success and to move on a right path. Education plays a vital role in our life . Education makes a man perfect . Without education a man is incomplete in his or her life . Eatlier also education was there which was taught by the Mahatma ,gurus to there shishya (childrens) at the time of Ramayana, Mahabharat. Education never ends in a life he or she can’t say that he is perfectly educated . Education is neither be destroyed by anyone in the world.

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